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Dr. Jack Thomas

Dr. Jack Thomas, a seasoned and distinguished luminary in the world of academia, proudly traces his roots to the picturesque town of Calhoun, nestled within the historical tapestry of Lowndes County, Alabama, gracefully situated between the revered cities of Selma and Montgomery. With a career spanning diverse roles within the educational sphere, he embodies an unwavering dedication to nurturing academic growth and development, underpinned by his profound knowledge and unyielding commitment. Guided by the pillars of hard work, professionalism, wisdom, and integrity, he remains an unwavering catalyst for positive transformation within educational institutions.

His illustrious academic journey is a testament to his steadfast emphasis on hard work and professionalism. Armed with a Ph.D. in English, specializing in Literature and Criticism, earned at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, complemented by a Master of English Education from Virginia State University, and fortified by a Bachelor of Arts in English from Alabama A&M University, he firmly cements his position as an exemplar of excellence within the realm of higher education.

Dr. Thomas’s multifaceted roles within academia testify to his remarkable versatility and unswerving commitment. Whether donning the mantle of an erudite English Professor or ascending to the distinguished position of College President, he consistently channels his profound knowledge, tireless work ethic, and unwavering integrity into each facet of his educational journey.

His tenure as President of Western Illinois University (WIU) is a beacon of wisdom and professional integrity. Navigating WIU through the turbulent waters of unprecedented state fiscal challenges, he adeptly managed a substantial budget of nearly $224 million. Despite these formidable obstacles, he achieved remarkable milestones, including promoting diversity, introducing innovative academic programs, and strengthening bonds with corporate partners, local communities, and K-12 educational institutions.

Dr. Jack Thomas’s wisdom shone brightly in his adept handling of fiscal and cash flow challenges during Illinois’ financial crisis. During this pivotal period, he also witnessed the establishment of a new WIU campus in Moline, Illinois, and the triumphant realization of a multi-million dollar capital campaign goal. Under his visionary leadership, WIU earned prestigious accolades, including the revered title of ‘Best in the Midwest College’ by the Princeton Review and recognition as a top-tier Midwest Master’s institution by U.S. News and World Report. His unwavering commitment to professional excellence is vividly reflected in his leadership at WIU, painting a detailed portrait of a man deeply devoted to advancing higher education.

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Dr. Jack Thomas

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